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Attitude + Attention =

Seven Steps to Success

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Your Workplace for AKC Obedience Solutions
Presented by Catherine L. Zinsky

“Get to Ready” is designed to explain
the rules and nuances of competitive
obedience for all up and coming stars.
Written discussions and explanations
are at your disposal under the subtitle
‘Articles’, while demonstrations
of many of the skills and exercises are
provided under ‘Videos’ below each
individual class heading. Many other
added benefits and help-aides are
also provided to better assist you
in your obedience endeavors. Check
them out! Simply click on the class
you want to learn about and follow
through from there. All updates or
material I feel you may find of
interest is announced via Twitter,
so just follow me on Twitter to keep posted.
Get to Ready is my payback to a sport
I so very much appreciate and enjoy.
I hope that this small contribution
aides in your appreciation and enjoyment as well.
Happy heeling…

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